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Holiday time: how to pack your suitcase


The holidays will soon be here! It's time to start packing.

The holidays will soon be here! It's time to start packing. What a headache!  Where does the toiletry bag go?  How do you fit as many clothes as possible into as little space as possible?  We'll show you how to pack your bags. So you won’t forget anything, and you’ll also be travelling in optimum conditions.

Make a list

What are you taking with you?  The first step in packing your suitcase is to write a list of everything you need.  This will make it easier to divide all your belongings between your different pieces of luggage.  For example, liquids of more than 20 ml are not allowed in cabin bags. If your toiletry containers are over 20 ml, make room for them in your hold luggage.

It is best to keep the most fragile items in your carry-on bag and put bulky items in the hold.  Making a list first will also give you a clearer idea of the size and number of suitcases you need.

Top tip: once you've packed, don't throw the list away - it will come in handy again when you're packing to come home!

Pack a carry-on bag

For short stays or in combination with a larger suitcase, a carry-on is a must for any holiday. Its purpose is to hold whatever you’ll need during the flight, such as essential items and travel documents. The Extra from the Moorea collection will help you to stay organised. This 55 cm, 4-wheel, expandable carry-on suitcase has:

  • An outside pocket, ideal for your phone charger and transparent bag of liquids allowed in the cabin. At security, you can just open the pocket instead of unpacking the contents of the suitcase.
  • There’s a second outside zipped pocket to store your travel documents, as it’s always a good idea to keep them handy. There’s also room for your mobile phone, headphones, etc.
  • The zipped pocket inside the lid is ideal for flat objects: books, magazines, etc.
  • The interior of the case is lined and comes with straps to hold your clothes in place while keeping them flat, which frees up space so you can pack more changes of clothes!  The Extra Moorea cabin suitcase also has the added benefit of being expandable !

Pack a medium-sized suitcase

For holidays of up to one week, opt for a medium case such as the 66 cm, 4-wheel, medium suitcase with hinged lock from the Maxlock collection, which has a capacity of 69 litres.  Here’s how to pack your belongings in its fully-lined interior with zipped pockets :

Put your clothes in the bottom compartment. Start by putting piles of folded clothes (e.g. jumpers and t-shirts) in the available space.  Place skirts and trousers on top. Then add underwear, socks and tights around the sides. Adjust the straps and close the protective cover: your belongings are in good hands !

Divide your accessories between the 3 inner pockets in the lid. Instead of carrying a toiletry bag, you can put your sunscreen and hairbrush in the bottom pocket, which has a three compartments.

Pack a large suitcase

If you're going away for a fortnight or longer, make the most of a spacious, well-organised case like the 75 cm, 4-wheel suitcase from the Cassis Riviera collection - you know, the kind of thing that reminds you of a trunk on the Orient Express ! The interior is fully lined with world map printed fabric to ensure your clothes are transported safely, while whetting your appetite for travel !

Here's how to pack a 96-litre suitcase :

  • Divide your belongings into three categories :
    • What you'll need first (pyjamas, toothbrush, etc.)
    • Clothes
    • And finally, your accessories.
    • The protective cover on each of the suitcase's two compartments is divided into three zipped pockets.  Unzip either of these covers for immediate access to the things you need, without having to rummage through the whole suitcase.
  • Place the heaviest items (toiletries, books, etc.) on the right-hand side of each compartment (nearest the wheels). Then, when the suitcase is upright, its weight will be perfectly balanced. 

Now that the art of packing your suitcase holds no more secrets for you...

It's time to start making your lists, organising your things and, most importantly, going on holiday ! Packing your things well also makes it easier to unpack.  So you can enjoy the very first day of your holiday, relaxed in the knowledge that your things are all organised ! 

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