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Laptop & MacBook bags: 6 criteria to help you choose

Never without your laptop or MacBook? We totally understand. There's a reason laptops used to be called “portable computers”!

You need a handy bag to hold your precious device and other useful items and keep them safe. Here are the essential criteria to consider and help you choose.  We explain everything, from dimensions to compartments and portability to materials !


It may seem obvious, but you should choose your laptop bag depending on the size of your laptop. Like computer screens, laptop bags are measured in inches. For a 15” laptop, you should choose a 15” case, such as the Jump 40 cm bag with two compartments. Or an Uppsala, 36 cm, single compartment bag for a 13" screen.


What else do you need to pack in your bag besides your laptop or MacBook ?  After all, you’re unlikely to be travelling with just your laptop.  Lots of other items can be stored in a laptop or MacBook bag, so it's important to choose one that is large enough to hold everything.

The capacity of a briefcase is usually between five and nine litres.  That gives you enough space to carry the contents of your handbag and add in a couple of things for work too !  If you are often out and about during the day, a briefcase with a capacity of seven or eight litres is ideal. It’s useful to remember that a laptop bag can also be used as carry-on luggage.


It follows that a bag with enough space for all your essentials is great, but a bag with the right compartments is even better! Take the Jump 40 cm laptop bag for example.  It has one compartment for your tablet or laptop along with three zipped pockets for keys, pens, smartphones, etc.

Need an extra compartment for files or notes (or jotters if you are a student)?  Look for a Jump two-compartment briefcase. In addition to its double compartment layout - one padded for your device, the other standard for your paperwork - it also has two side pockets for accessories.

Carrying your bag

This is an extremely important point, as your comfort is at stake.  Most laptop or MacBook bags have two carrying options :

  • Handles for carrying in your hand, like a briefcase;
  • Shoulder strap for carrying over the shoulder or across the chest.

The handles and padded, adjustable shoulder straps on Jump business bags are designed to be as discreet as possible. For example, the Jump 15.4” laptop bag has soft leather handles for carrying over the shoulder, like a handbag.


For a purchase that lasts, you should think about how often you are out and about. Daily use requires a sturdy design!  The quality and durability of a bag depends on the materials it is made of.

Full grain calfskin leather means you can be sure that your bag will last for a long time.  If the leather is lined with polyester (a synthetic fabric known for its resistance to wear and tear), as in the case of the Jump, 40 cm, two-compartment briefcase, you can be doubly sure!

The strong, flexible polyester lining is one of the best synthetic materials. The thicker the polyester, the stronger it is.  Thickness is measured in denier (D). On average, the standard used in luggage is 600 D. A laptop bag made of 900 D polyester, such as the Jump, 40 cm, single-compartment briefcase will therefore be extremely robust !


What about the design?  This is also important, especially for a bag you plan to take with you everywhere.  Choose your laptop or MacBook bag the way you choose your handbag, paying close attention to the cut, finishings and colour scheme.

When it comes to picking a stylish, elegant bag, look for:

  • Shape: the classic briefcase is rectangular like a school bag. For a more sophisticated look, the rectangle broadens slightly at the base, such as the Jump 40 cm shoulder bag.
  • Colour... or not.  Black is always safe, and goes with anything. It's also a serious colour, so very popular for a professional look!  But why not go for a warm terracotta red, a timeless grey or a rich brown?
  • It's the little details that make all the difference (and the elegance of the bag).  Lined with world map print fabric with visible or invisible seams!

Laptop bag, "Boston" collection

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In summary...

Whether you are a student looking for a bag to carry your laptop, a businesswoman wanting to combine elegance with practicality, or a businessman who’s forever between two planes, a quality briefcase offers you multiple benefits. By investing in the right bag, you kill two birds with one stone: taking care of your laptop while making your life easier when you’re on the move.

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