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The best way to care for your bags and suitcases

Did you know ? Your bags and luggage don't just contain your personal belongings, clothes, toiletries or business accessories.

They can also carry a whole load of viruses, bacteria and dirt of all kinds. Unwanted insects can even use your suitcase as a means of transport! So you don't go home alone, but with thousands of invisible little guests.
Therefore, keeping your luggage and carry-ons clean is vital from a hygiene point of view. Not only that, but with proper care, your suitcases and backpacks will look their best for longer!
Here's how to look after your bags and cases, depending on the type of luggage to be cleaned.

Everything you need to know about caring for your hard shell suitcase

After using a hard case such as the Uppsala, Maxlock or Sondo collection, you need to clean the outside as well as the inside.

Care instructions for the interior of a hard case

A hard case lined with Jump's signature world map polyester fabric should be emptied before cleaning. 

Open all the zips and vacuum carefully to remove as much dust and sand from your holiday as possible.

Then brush with a soft bristle brush.  If the lining is marked with sun cream, shampoo or other stubborn stains, remove them with a damp sponge. You can also use a little Marseille soap.

Rinse thoroughly and leave the case open to dry.

Entretien extérieur d’une valise rigide

First wipe the polypropylene shell of the hard case with a soft cloth.  This will remove any particles that may have clung to the luggage during transit.  

Then clean the suitcase thoroughly with a slightly damp sponge and soapy water. 

Repeat with clean water to rinse and keep away from heat when drying. 

Don't forget to wash the handle and wheels. These are the parts most likely to collect bacteria !

Soft suitcase : maintenance tips

Are you a fan of soft suitcases, such as Etretat, Lauris or Uppsala Soft?  Follow these tips to ensure you case stays perfectly hygienic inside and out.

Care instructions for the interior and exterior of a soft case

Your soft suitcase is made of polyester which can attract dust particles. First, brush gently with a sponge and mild soap, making sure the surface is not too wet to prevent the fabric from being damaged. 

Then clean it again with the damp sponge, making sure you get right into the nooks and crannies. Finally, disinfect the handle and wheels with a solution of 30% white vinegar and 70% water.

Looking after your soft suitcase: what not to do

To avoid damaging your soft suitcase when washing it, you should avoid immersing it entirely in water.  Not only could you damage certain parts or dyes, but it will be difficult to dry the reinforced sides of the luggage. 

It is also important to protect the colours of the suitcase. Dry it away from heat sources to prevent the colours from running!

What about the suitcase wheels ?

To remove any roughness or stains on the wheels, rub with a cloth soaked in a mixture of 30% white vinegar and 70% water. 

Simply leave the wheels to dry in the open air.

How to look after a backpack or laptop bag

Whether leather or fabric, a backpack is always useful when going on holiday or shopping. A laptop bag is ideal for the office or going to a business seminar. 

Here's how to care for them:

Care instructions for a leather backpack, handbag or laptop bag

As you probably know, leather is a noble material that requires special care. 

Clean the exterior of your bag, such as from the Boston or Uppsala leather collection, with lukewarm water and a little Marseille soap, using a microfibre or cotton cloth. 

This will remove dirt and make it shine

Remember to also wax and waterproof your leather bag every three to four months. 

Clean the interior fabric lining with soap and water. Then turn the backpack inside out so that the leather is not exposed to the sun and leave to air dry.

Care instructions for a fabric backpack

To ensure your bag and its colour last as long as possible, do not put it in the washing machine, as this can damage it.

Always use a mild soap and make sure that the surface is not too wet to avoid damaging the fabric.

Remove dry dirt with a brush. For stubborn stains, you can also use a cleaning foam.

Cleaning your luggage, bags and cases both outside and inside kills three birds with one stone :

  • Firstly, it prevents the cupboard where you store your luggage when you're at home from becoming dirty. You also keep your home free of potential germs.
  • Secondly, you ensure a long lifespan for your soft or hard suitcase. When properly cleaned, the material used in the manufacture of your bag will last a long time.
  • Finally, whenever you need to go somewhere, your bag is ready for packing your clean clothes.

Your clothes are in good hands... and your luggage too, now that you know how to look after it!