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Which Jump® cabin bag is right for you ?

Whether you're exploring the world, going away for the weekend, or travelling for work, it's important to choose the right luggage. Comfort, quality and safety are the three key criteria.

Do you prefer a suitcase or a bag ? Are you travelling by plane, train or car ?  Do you like to store your belongings in pockets or all in one place ?
Do you prefer soft or hard luggage Find our advice on cabin baggage here !

Choose a hard case if...

A hard shell polypropylene cabin suitcase, which can be recycled up to five times, is ideal if you are carrying fragile or delicate items.  Up to 55 cm in length, it holds all you need for a short trip. It can be taken in the cabin if you are travelling by plane, or complements your hold luggage.

Some examples :

The Maxlock suitcase: spacious and colourful

The Maxlock suitcase is made for you if you generally travel with low-cost airlines, without giving up on quality cabin baggage.

Its standard dimensions, 55 x 40 x 20 cm, meet the requirements of Ryanair, Easyjet, Transavia and Volotea.  The suitcase’s two main compartments, with two inside pockets, are ideal for storing clothes and toiletries.  Weighing only 2.5 kg and with a capacity of 36 litres, this luggage allows you to pack up to 6-7 kg, as most low-cost operators set a maximum of 10 kg.

The injection-moulded polypropylene hard shell Maxlock case is sturdy yet lightweight. With its 4 ultra-quiet wheels, it is very easy to handle. It is equipped with a hinged TSA-approved combination lock that complies with US customs.

So you can take a nap on the plane without having to worry about someone breaking into your suitcase!  Available in charcoal grey, navy blue or saffron yellow, the Maxlock cabin suitcase is perfect for all your travels, whether you're going on a long or short trip. It is particularly suitable if you're looking for a functional, bright cabin bag.

Do you need a versatile cabin bag ?  Then the Sondo is definitely for you !

Not only does this 55 x 35 x 20/25 cm hard case have universal dimensions suitable for all airlines. It is also expandable. Unzip the expandable compartment to increase its capacity from 32 to 38 litres in no time at all.

Are you the kind of person who goes away for the weekend with pyjamas and a change of clothes and comes back with lots of souvenirs ? Then you definitely need a Sondo, the cabin suitcase that offers up to 20% more volume thanks to its two large compartments with numerous pockets.

Its injection-moulded polypropylene shell combines the advantages of being both sturdy and lightweight. The zip closure and TSA-approved combination lock keep your belongings safe and secure. Available in blue, black, champagne, silver grey or orange, it will add an extra touch to your natural elegance !  

Choose a soft bag if...

The weekend bag offers two great advantages :

  • Firstly, its soft material adapts to its contents, which allows you to carry large or small items.
  • Secondly, because of its flexibility, the bag fits easily in the luggage compartment of trains, planes or in the boot of a car.

The Boston Bag: Elegant and Practical

Are you a business traveller looking for a roomy, elegant, space-saving bag for short trips ?

Measuring 48 x 31.5 x 25 cm with a capacity of 34 litres, the Boston leather bag has space for all you’ll need for up to two nights away. Your accessories will fit nicely into the various pockets. The large opening makes it easy to store and find your belongings. Fully lined in denim with a sophisticated finish, the inside of the bag is suitable for the most delicate garments.

The outside is made of full grain calfskin leather for timeless elegance and is fully waterproof. Depending on your preference, you can carry your Boston bag in your hand or over your shoulder, or you can fit it over the telescopic handle of your suitcase using the trolley sleeve when walking through the airport or station.

Are you a sporty traveller, or do you like to take different types of clothes and a spare pair of shoes with you ?

Opt for the Stripe bag.  With dimensions of 40 x 20 x 25 cm, and capacity of 20 litres, this travel bag lets you pack enough for overnight trips. The shoe compartment is a real added advantage. Its mini size makes it free of charge as a Ryanair carry-on.

Ideal if you are travelling light for a very short stay ! Light weight (0.9 kg) with a heavy duty zip, the Stripe travel bag can be easily carried in your hand or over your shoulder. It also has a trolley sleeve to fit over the telescopic handle of your suitcase. Available in sophisticated black or navy for discreet style that goes with anything.

The Uppsala wheeled bag: with wheels and lock

Can’t decide between a wheeled suitcase and a shoulder bag ? The solution is this Uppsala wheeled bag, a cabin bag with 2 wheels that measures 55 x 30 x 28 cm.

With this bag, comfort is part of the journey! Its 42-litre capacity means you can pack enough belongings for a long weekend or short holiday. The bag is made of coated canvas with leather trim, offering waterproof protection for your clothes. You can pull it along by its adjustable, telescopic handle or wear it over your shoulder with its adjustable strap.

The TSA-approved lock is compatible with US customs: this bag with wheels and padlock will follow you everywhere. The bag is also available in a variety of colours, from classic chocolate, navy, or black to the more sophisticated clay grey, terracotta, pebble, or curry yellow. 

The different Jump® collections of cabin baggage... In summary :

  • Maxlock, a line of modern suitcases that are ultra-secure thanks to their hinged locks compliant with US customs; 
  • Sondo, ultra-lightweight, durable suitcases with expandable compartment offering up to 20% more capacity in elegant colours;
  • Boston, a classic, elegant business collection, ideal for travellers looking for sophisticated luggage in dark leather;
  • Stripe, a combination of business and sports luggage, appreciated for its flexibility and functional unisex design;
  • Uppsala, the iconic Jump® collection, created in 1990, a timeless classic thanks to its style and high-quality leather!
  • Lauris, Cassis Riviera, Etretat, and RC 2.0 luggage lines are also created by Jump®.

Each collection has its own specific advantages. Choose the one that's right for you on your next trip!